Jump to the Front of the Line

priority pass

When faced with a line do you:

A) Walk to the end
B) Find a way to skip to the front
If you’re like JSG, you’ll do just about anything to avoid waiting in line: flirt with a doorman, hunt for a back entrance, pretend you’re on the list, fake illness. So it was a pleasant surprise when we received a Priority Pass along with our new Saks card.

Here we were thinking the bonus of our new credit card was 10 percent off on our Burberry trench and we had no idea what true pleasure awaited us. The Priority Pass allows us to skip the front of the security line at airports, which is huge considering we nearly have a panic attack at the thought of separating all our liquids, taking our laptop out of our carry on—and getting it back in, and removing our shoes in public without anywhere to sit.

The Priority Pass also grants us entrance to most major airline’s club lounges. Given the state of the free snacks these days in the lounges, this is no great shake (think individually wrapped cubes of cheese, water crackers, bags of peanuts), but we do appreciate the cushy leather chairs, wi-fi and free flowing booze. And given the frequent delays and canceled flight these days, these upgrades are more appreciated than ever.

Membership plans start at $99. This also makes a great Father’s Day gift for the dad who travels. Find out more info here.

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