JSG’s At-Home Wedding Beauty

Annie’s wedding is only a few days away (!!!) and many are asking her what’s on her wedding beauty countdown list. Here’s everything she’s doing in full:

Last week, I updated my Facebook as: Is it possible to OD on beauty products? I’m currently wearing Talika eye patches and Crest White Strips after using a face scrub, face mask, 2 kinds of body scrubs, a hair mask and various moisturizers.

Um, yeah, I’m doing a lot to look my most gorgeous ever on my wedding day!

I’m very lucky that I have access to not only the best products, but also some of the best hair stylists, skin experts, nail techs and makeup artists in the world. I am doing a lot at home to save both money and time–a precious commodity when I’m running around town to dress fittings, shop for jewelry and other last minute wedding errands.

To get my skin in tip top shape, I’ve been doing at-home facials twice a week. I’m alternating between my old stand by duo Prescriptives Instant Gratification and Intense Rebuilding Hydrating Mask (Yes, I know these products are going bye-bye. No, I haven’t come to terms with it yet.) and my new favorite June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Mask.

I do LOVE the Talika Eye Patches. They instantly plump and refresh the skin under my eyes, without ever making them puffy, like other intensive eye moisturizers I’ve used. I plan on using these the day of the wedding.

eye moisturizer

My dress has spaghetti straps, so to keep my skin soft and glowing, I try to use a body scrub every time I’m in the shower. I’ve never met a scrub I didn’t like, but my current one is the de-Luxe Bain Instant Manicure and Body Polish. The dead sea salts remove my dead skin. With all the different peppermint oils, it’s like being in a eucalyptus steam room.

and-Body-Polish.jpg” alt=”body scrub” width=”200″ height=”200″ />

I also like the Being True Energy Work Active Body Peel. It’s a gentle alpha hydroxy acid peel. I like that it’s not greasy. I plan on using it right before I self tan–probably on Wednesday and/or Thursday.

I’m not a huge fan of conditioner, because my hair is on the fine side and it robs it of volume. But to get my hair back in shape after my last color appointment, I used PhytoCitrus Restructuring Mask for Color-Treated Hair, once and only once. My hair should be in perfect shape on the big day!

When I step out of the shower, I use Payot Regenerating Dry Oil. It’s got all the moisturizing oomph of a regular oil, but none of the greasiness.


At night, I use Korres Body Butter in Melon. It has shea butter, plus sunflower, almond and avocado oils to leave my skin super soft. The Melon scent is pretty mango-y, which reminds me of my upcoming honeymoon and helps calm me down before bed.

body butter

I’ve had my teeth bleached a few times, so I think they’re about as white as they’re going to get. I do use Crest White Strips when I remember, but that’s not everyday.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about my professional help for my wedding beauty checklist.

Parts of this review were based on free samples.

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