JSG Wedding Beauty Part 2

Yesterday I let you in on all my at-home wedding beauty secrets, today I’m bringing in professional help.

Here’s my wedding beauty checklist for the week:

On Wednesday, I’m headed to Sally Hersberger Face Place to see two of my favorite people, Tom and Erica for a facial and a medicure. The two of them are bundles of positive energy who almost have too much fun while on the job. Though others may advise against getting a facial three days before a wedding (or other big event), I checked in with Tom who said that since I’ve had a facial with him before, with glowing results, that three days was the way to go.


At the same time I’m getting the facial, Erica will be doing my medicure, her should-be-patented pedicure with a drill. I’m thinking about going with Sephora by OPI’s Mermaid to Order as my something blue on my toes. (Gotta a favorite wedding-appropriate blue? I’m open to suggestions!)

OPI nail polish

Thursday, I’m headed to the John Barrett Salon for eyelash extensions, then to Warren Tricomi for a blowout. (Gotta look hot at the rehearsal dinner!)

Somewhere in there, I need to figure in time for a bikini sugaring treatment so I’m bathing suit ready for the honeymoon and time to spray tan.

I’m waiting until Saturday for my manicure, because I don’t want even the slightest hint of a chip. I’m headed to the Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa, because it’s A) One of my favorite nail salons in the city. I love the shabby chic decor. B) It’s close to my hotel, the Tribeca Grand. I already know I’m using Tracey Reese for Sally Hansen’s Opulent Cloud, because, it’s simply the most beautiful nail color I have ever seen.

sally hansen nail polish

I’ll be getting my hair done by my regular stylist, Sarah Rappolt at the downtown Bumble and Bumble. We did a trial last week and I also had my color done by Joseph Mullen at Blackstone’s. The rest of my bridal party is getting blowouts at Bumble, too.

Lucky for me, my dear friend, Emily Warren is a talented makeup artist who has worked on countless magazine and advertising shoots and backstage at many a fashion week, most recently in Paris. Here’s a sneak peek of the look she’s doing:

eye makeup

We’ll be sure to post a photo or two from the wedding with the completed look!

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