JSG at LA Fashion Week

Sex was in the air at L.A. Fashion week yesterday: One makeup artist told us he wanted the models to look like they had just rolled around in the hay; at another the inspiration was a girl doing the walk of shame and at a third, the hairstylist told us he was “masturbating” the hair! No surprise then the Pussycat Dolls show is the most anticipated show of the week and Jenna Jameson, self proclaimed Queen of Porn, is unveiling her PETA ad here today.

At Kelly Nishimoto, MAC makeup artist Gregory Arlt says he was going for a windswept romantic look, like a woman had just gotten off a horse or a roll in the hay (shown right). He opted for dark gray eyeliner instead of black, because “it looks dirty, like it has been there for a few days.” He created a burnt burgundy lip, which made the model look like “She had just eaten a handful of pomegranates or drunk a glass of red wine.”

Another look we loved was Lori Taylor’s for Smashbox at the Orthodox show. She did a smoky eye using bronze, Cabarnet, and purple colors to make it look like, “The girl had hung out all night and was doing the walk of shame,” says Lori. The lip was a dramatic maroon (like you had been smooching all night) from Icon and Radiant Smashbox glosses.

Finally, at the Whitley Kros show–Omar from GHD used Melanie Griffith’s character in Working Girl as his inspiration (pre Joan Cusack cutting her hair). For those of you who are too young to remember– Melanie’s character was the hard working dreamer from Staten Island. The hair was BIG. “It’s a good curl gone bad,” says Omar. His technique was too advanced for us to create at home, but to simplify: use a small curling iron to replicate the tight curl of the 80’s perm, separate the curl at the root and the end by “masturbating” it (basically, tease it), then flip your hair over and run your fingers through it. Here’s the part we love: It looks even better the next day, says Omar. Perfect for the JSG on the go!

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