JolieMD Metamorphosis Launch and Review

JolieMD Metamorphosis is a new two step skin care program used to combat skin pigmentation, signs of aging, and acne; and most importantly it’s designed for women of all colors, ethnicities and skin types.  It was developed by Nadine Jolie ( fellow blogger, author, and all around beauty expert) and two L.A.-based facial plastic surgeons.
I tested JolieMD Metamorphosis this fall for several weeks and was impressed with my results.  First, it’s only a two step program.  I’ve followed three steps and even five steps (wash, tone, serum, Retin A, moisturize) and both are hard to stick to after a few weeks.
The Softening Serum absorbed quickly and has a slight citrus smell common to alpha-hydroxy type acid products.  It isn’t as sticky as many serums I’ve tried and it left my skin noticeably smoother almost immediately.   Also, I didn’t have any breakouts during my trial which I would contribute to the alpha-beta-poly hydroxyl acid in the serum.
The Enlightening Lotion is light and non-greasy.  Though it’s designed to lighten existing skin discoloration, I don’t have serious issues that needed help.  However, the lotion also suppresses acne “triggers” and again I had a clear complexion while I used it, so it was effective in that way.
You can find more information and order Metamorphosis at

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