Join Amelia Earhart on Her Historic Flight Around the World!

Join Amelia Earhart on Her Historic Flight Around the World!

Honorary JSG Amelia Rose Earhart kicks off the first leg of her around the world flight today in Oakland, CA, the same hanger space where the original Amelia Earhart left for her ill-fated attempt at the same feat back in 1937. If Amelia Rose completes the 28,000-mile journey, she will be the youngest woman to fly around the globe in a single engine aircraft.

Along the way she’ll have 17 planned stops, including in Miami, Dakar, the Seychelles and Singapore. She’ll be staying at some of the hotels as Amelia Earhart and even eating her favorite cockpit meal along the way: PB&J.

Amelia Earhart_7_Photo Credit John S Miller Photography (1)

“By recreating and symbolically completing Amelia Mary Earhart’s flight around the world, I hope to develop an even deeper connection to my namesake and also encourage the world to pursure their own adventures,” says Earhart. “Amelia believed that, ‘adventure is worthwhile in itself’ and it is that type of attitude that spurs us to seek the unknown, push our limits and fly outside the lines.”

At every step along the way, you’ll be able to follow along via streaming video and all forms of social media, including Twitter and Instagram using #flywithamelia. Amelia is being outfitted with a  64GB iPad mini with wifi, Beats MIXR headphones, Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker and more, thanks to Target.

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