Jimmy Choo Karina and Odette

Jimmy Choo Karina and Odette

Jimmy Choo Karina
The latest Jimmy Choo shoes are out now, and, WOW! the Jimmy Choo Karina is a shoe we would just about sell our soul for. It's leather, fishnet and gunmetal studs. We could wear these babies vacuuming around the house and still feel sexier than Megan Fox. And at $1,095, if we do buy them, home on a Saturday night is the only place you'll find us.

Jimmy Choo Odette

Equally lust worthy is the new Jimmy Choo Odette bag. The leopard print pony bag with snakeskin trim is so punk rock cool, we think you may have to be Debbie Harry to get away with it. We'll dream about it anyway.

At least we have the Jimmy Choo H&M collection to look forward to this fall!

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