Jerseylicious Beach Beauty Tips


Tracy DiMarco from Jerseylicious shares advice on how to look good at the beach. The tips from the outspoken stylist, who isn’t afraid of a tan or a lot of makeup, are surprisingly good! Tracy says:

1. Condition: The sun makes your hair dry and dead. So while you’re laying out, put some leave-in conditioner or use a treatment in your hair to prevent damage.

2. A tan is a must have! But no tan is worth ruining your skin. Make sure you throw on sunscreen even if it’s a low number sunscreen like 4! Just don’t put baby oil on!

3. Get yourself a maxi dress. It can come in handy as a cover up for your bathing suit or could be cute for dinner right from the beach/pool.

4. Summer is great for hats. Either a big floppy hat to block the sun or a cute straw fedora to match your sundress.

5. Make-up is not necessary for the beach. But a bare face isn’t right either. So put on some mascara on top and bottom lashes, it will brighten up your eyes! (Never know when you’ll run into a cutie on the beach!)

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