In Praise of the Irish

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, here are a few of our favorite ways to go green:

1. Coole Swane Irish Cream Liquor. It was inspired by the Yeats’ poem, “The Swans of Coole” and promises a taste of the real modern day Ireland: single malt whiskey, fresh dairy cream and seductive cocoa from around the globe melted in. Sounds like the perfect way to top off a cup of coffee to us! Available online.

2. Lucky Betty — color for the hair down there. For those looking for a new way to show express their green, we’re pretty sure this will knock your SO’s socks off. It even comes with a clover stencil and an adorable leprechaun tattoo. Way more clever than a glass of green beer! Available online.

3. Owen and Luke Wilson and Ed Burns–simply because we’re always looking for an excuse to post photos of hot men!

Luck ‘o the Irish, to you!

Update: Our pal Dave just told us that St. Patrick’s Day will be officially celebrated in Ireland tomorrow, March 14, as Monday, March 17 falls during Holy Week. Who knew? Dave is obviously a better Catholic than JSG!

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