I’m on the List…(and Other Ways to Get Into Clubs)

I’m on the List…(and Other Ways to Get Into Clubs)

how to get into clubs

After our trip to South Beach, we happened upon a listing on Craigslist for folks who said they could help get you into the “exclusive” clubs. They promised to plan your night and get you on all the right lists for a mere $200, which didn’t include entrance fees ($20 on up).

We had to laugh. The first stop for getting into a club is to check with your hotel’s concierge. They can often get you on guest lists. If your hotel doesn’t have a concierge or you end up somewhere unplanned late night, here’s JSG’s foolproof plan for getting in:

1. Put your tallest friend up front. (Just one more reason stilettos are worth the splurge!)
2. She will need to catch the eye of the doorman and give him her friendliest smile.
3. Next, she holds up her fingers for the numbers in your group. Now, ideally this is going to be a low number (two works best, three and four are ok, five is pushing it.) Of course, we’re assuming you have all girls in your group.
4. Don't forget MILK!

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