I Took the Plunge…

I Took the Plunge…

…and invested in a UPF 50 rash guard. I had to. I’m spending most mornings in the pool with my son. It’s too hard to even attempt putting sunblock on my back and shoulders and my chest and arms have so much sun damage, it’s time I called in the big guns. I mean, my 2-year old has an array of UPF clothing, mostly from Target, why shouldn’t I?

The big guns for me, meant a Land’s End swim shirt. It has UPF 50 and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. I like that it was an affordable $30 with shipping, which is a painless entry point for an item of clothing I’ve never worn before.

Here’s the good: It definitely protects! When I don’t have it on now, I’m hyper aware of how the sun feels on my arms and can practically feel that skin getting frecklier by the minute. As advertised, it does dry quickly and it doesn’t make me hot. As a side benefit, it gives me extra coverage, so when my son inevitably tries to climb me like a tree, he won’t cause me to unintentionally flash anyone.

Lands end rash guard

The downside, I wish it were a bit more fitted. I ordered the top in a small and even with about five pounds left of (second) baby weight to lose, it’s large around the waist. This makes it float up a little when I’m swimming. But it does fit me nicely through the shoulders and the sleeves are on the long side, if anything.

You can find swim shirts at any range of prices from designers including Pret a Surf, $157

Pret a surf rash guard

and Tory Burch, $187.

tory burch rash guard

I will definitely order a second and maybe even a third next year. In addition to wearing the shirt at the pool, I see tossing it on when I walk my pup in the morning. I’m always in a rush so I don’t take the time to slather on sunscreen on my arms and the minutes of incidental exposure are adding up. What do you think of the look?

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