Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig Live and On Stage

Last night we went to see A Steady Rain with Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig. We’ll be honest and say we only went to see the show because of their combined hotness. And the stars–who both made People’s Sexiest Men Alive 2008 list–did not disappoint. We went in liking them both equally. We left understanding why Hugh was on the cover of last year’s issue or People and Daniel was relegated to the inside. Simply put: He’s beautiful.

As for the play…meh. It was the two of them, and the two of them only, on stage for 90 minutes in a cop drama. The acting was strong, but the plot was weak and predictable. We could tell what was going to happen about 15 minutes in. What impressed us the most, aside from Hugh’s backside, was that neither Hugh nor Daniel required a glass of water throughout the entire play. Now that’s endurance!

After the show, Hugh and Daniel remained on stage to do their pitch for Broadway Cares, Equity Fights Aids. To raise money, they auctioned off the sweaty wife beaters they each wore under their shirts throughout the show. (Yes, we were dying inside.) Included in the deal was a backstage tour and they also offered to autograph their tank tops. We tried to convince our friend, Laura, that the wifebeaters would make a perfect wedding gift, but no dice. (She didn’t think our fiancé would appreciate them.)

The tanks eventually sold for $3,000 to two lucky bidders who generously agreed to take one wifebeater each. We think Hugh’s should have sold for more!

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