How We Did on Our ’09 Resolutions

Before we go and set our resolutions for ’10, we always like to see how we did on the ones for the current year.

Here were our goals for 2009:

1. For the JSG blog: to do more and better videos.

This we can check off our list. Armed with our Flips, we’ve been much better about videoing our escapades. Check out our YouTube channel for proof.

2. No more typos!

Done. (Fur the mos par.)

3. To go to one major event that we haven’t been to before (Sundance, Super Bowl, Miami’s Winter Music Concert or SXSW in Austin).
We made it to Tampa for the Super Bowl and attended the Net Jets party, so we get half a point. 

4. Figure out how to get our nail polish to stay on for more than 2 days when we paint them ourselves. (This may involve purchasing a pair of rubber gloves for the sink. Not sexy!)
This may just be impossible.

5. Find the perfect pair of nude heels.
Now that we’re reading this, we’ve got the perfect excuse to buy the LAMB Laken heels we’ve been eying!

6. Pay off the credit cards.
No comment.

7. Get on a healthy sleep schedule (this will help with losing the pounds we gained over the holidays and lighten up our dark circles).
Getting there.

8. Organize our desktop.
The desktop wins.

9. Go to more places with the letter “L” in them.
Let’s see, we went to Florida, Colorado, Las Vegas, Alexandria, VA, a couple of Ritz Carlton’s, and a whole bunch of other places without the letter “l”.

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