How to Use Double Stick Tape

Wearing a strapless or other dress or top with the possibility for a wardrobe malfunction? We’ve been experimenting with Hollywood Fashion Tape (double stick tape) for a few months now to keep our dresses up. We had been sticking the double sided tape on our well-padded strapless bra, but that just made our bra heavy and the top of our dress wrinkle all funny.

We saw our opportunity to glean some expert advice from uber-stylist Robert at his holiday brunch a few weeks back. (Robert is the go to stylist for Eve Longoria and other celebs.) Robert was not shy about sticking his hand down the front of our dress to tell us what we were doing wrong (think slightly less scandalous than Isaac Mizrahi and Scarlett Johansson at the Golden Globe’s a few years back.) Robert’s advice: Place the double stick tape where you want it to stick. With a strapless dress, that means placing it on the sides of your body, directly on your skin, not your bra for the best support. As we learned the hard way, a bra wasn’t meant to hold up your boobs and your dress. Next time you see us in that red dress (photo above), we’ll be dancing like an extra in the Wedding Crashers!

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