How to Have Better Legs this Summer

better legs

I recently lamented on my Facebook page that at this point in the summer my legs are so beat up, they could rival a kindergartner’s. Between the picked at mosquito bites and random scrapes and bruises, a Barbie’s legs they’re not. So I was happy to have the opportunity to pick the brain of Dr. Ellen Gendler, a dermatologist for Venus razors.

Dr. Gendler said to have smoother legs, I should:

  1. Stop picking my mosquito bites. As we age, our ability to heal slows (Wah!) so those bites and the subsequent pink scars left behind take longer to disappear. If you can’t help yourself from scratching (raising my hand), she likes calamine lotion to soothe them.
  2. Find out what’s behind my bruising. We discovered it may be the copious amounts of Omega 3s I take. Though I swear by them for my hair, skin and nails, fish oil is a blood thinner and can make bruising more likely. Once you get the bruise, Dr. Gendler says there’s not much you can do to make it go away quicker—she’s not a believer in arnica.
  3.  To prevent nicks and cuts while shaving, always use shaving lotion and a a moisturizing razor like Venus ProSkin Moisture Rich razor.

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