How to Get a Smoky Eye

smoky eyeWe finally did it! We learned how to create a foolproof smoky eye all on our own thanks to a lesson at the Sephora Eye Studio. Currently in the NYC’s Times Square, Las Vegas’s Venetian and San Francisco’s Powell Street Sephora stores, the experts at the Sephora Eye studio teach you how to apply fake lashes, master color, create a cat eye or achieve the ultimate smoky eye.

Handily, the stores sell discounted kits with the key products in them so you can recreate the look at home.

Here’s how to do the smoky eye, with tips from Lyn Lynch, Education Market Trainer:

1. After using a eyeshadow primer, like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion (not included in kit), line upper and lower lids heavily with a black cream liner, like Stila Smudge Pot. Lyn saved us years of aggravation by teaching us that eyes don’t have to look exactly the same. As Lyn says, “Eyes are not evenly shaped to start with, so don’t drive yourself crazy by trying to make them symmetrical with makeup.” Huh. So that was our problem all this time!

2. Top with rich bronze shadow, like Smasbhox in Rapture. Lyn used a blunt brush to apply the color from our lashes (on top of the liner), on up to our crease, but stopping short of our brow. She then took a blending brush to soften the edges. She did this in what she called a “windshield wiper” motion, gently back and forth.

3. Next, apply a Champagne shimmer shadow, like Bare Essentials Glimmer in Queen Phyllis under the brow and at the inner corner of the eyes. (JSG confession: When Lyn did this, it looked hot, when we try, we end up a shimmer-y mess. For now we’re skipping this step.)

4. Top of with mascara. The Smoky Eye Kit comes with a mini Benefit Bad Gal Lash. After watching us wrestle with the giant brush, Lyn taught us to apply the mascara vertically to get it on our lashes, then turn the brush horizontally to work it through.

We’ve been rocking out our new look perhaps a little too much. Our SO now thinks we have a secret lover at our day job–but now that we know how to do it, the smoky eye is too sexy to leave for special occasions!

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