How to be a Good Houseguest


Now that we’re deep in the holiday season, there’s a good chance you’ll be a houseguest over the next few weeks. What makes a great house guest? We’ve been on both sides and here is our advice:

Bring along a fun hostess gift. We loved the idea of bubble bath and champagne from Allure this month. Or last weekend we brought cupcakes from Sensational Bites when we visited our girlfriend, Ula, in Chicago. Yum! Who’d bother (or indulge enough) to buy themselves these tasty treats?

Load the dishes, unload the dishes, and get your own breakfast. The first morning is fun to cook for your guests, the second is harder, the third is downright tedious. If you’re the first one up, make a pot of coffee. If you take the last cup from the pot, make another. Help take out the trash. It’s amazing how much trash extra people can generate in your house.

Never stay too long. Whether you’re at your best friends house or parents’, any stay over three nights gets long (remember the adage about fish?). If you’re there for longer, be sure to plan outings away from the house and on your own so there’s less pressure on your host to entertain you.

Don’t leave a mess behind. Definitely make your bed before you leave and consider stripping the bed.

Send a thank you note as soon as you get back!

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