How to Avoid Static Hair

How to Avoid Static Hair

How to Avoid Static Hair

Summer’s pesky humidity which turns our hair to frizz gives way to an equally annoying problem in the winter: static hair. The dry air and cold temps are yet another challenge, especially if you’re headed to Sundance or on a ski trip. Here are the best ways we’ve found to combat those flyaways:

1. Moisture is a natural static killer. Keep your hair well moisturized with a deep conditioner a couple of times each week. We use Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask (available at Sephora for $38) for soft, shiny hair. Also, don’t wash your hair as often. Not only does washing dry your hair out, so does using the hair dryer.

2. Use a good leave-in conditioner. We like the Aveeno’s products because they’re easy to find, easy on the wallet, have spray-on application, and leave our hair silky.

3. Use a styling product like Morrocanoil (at salons and on line) which imparts shine and protects your hair from the dryer. That extra layer of product repels those pesky protons which make your hair stand on end.

4. Use a natural bristle brush which distributes the oils in your hair from root to end better than a synthetic brush. Like Morrocanoil, your own oils protect your hair.

5. The old-school method of getting rid of static by spraying your brush with hairspray doesn’t work if there’s alcohol in the hairspray. It’ll only dry your hair out further and attract more static.

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