How to Avoid a Hangover

After another killer hangover over the weekend, we figure it’s time for a refresher on how to avoid them:

  • Obviously, moderation is key. Our years of drinking have taught us that there’s no hangover cure like not drinking too much the night before.
  • Our acupuncturist recommends drinking vodka over wine (presumably Champagne, too.)
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach – even if that means having a little nibble before you head to the party or dinner.
  • Mixing booze is a recipe for disaster.
  • Stop drinking at least an hour before you go to bed. Your body doesn’t have a shot at processing the alcohol while you’re asleep.
  • Don’t drink and drive (not related to hangovers, but bears mentioning all the same).
  • Have a glass of water between each drink- dehydration exacerbates a hangover big time!

If all else fails, check out our best hangover cures.

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