How many calories are in that latte?

Starbucks counter
New York City’s ban of trans fatty acids has been in effect a week now, and it is affecting us in a way we never would have guessed. Along with trans fats, chain restaurants are now required to list calorie counts on the menu. So now when we go into our favorite neighborhood Starbucks, we can see exactly how many calories are in everything they serve—you don’t have to search for the number, it’s right there listed in the case next to that pumpkin bread (380 calories); classic coffee cake (430 calories) or blueberry scone (480 calories). That black forest ham, egg and cheddar on an English Muffin sounds like a veritable calorie bargain (380 calories) or try a bagel with no cream cheese for plain bagel (330 cal). Who woulda thunk?
Starbucks cookie
We’ve never even come close to having an eating disorder, but this could put us in a tailspin. Who wants a 400 calorie snack? Those numbers are making us think twice about what we put in our mouth and then some (JSG are normal sized girls.).
The good news is that we hardly ever eat the food at Starbucks, unless we’re at the airport. Looks like we’ll be doing a better job of packing those healthy snacks in our carry on. We always love apples and nuts. And we’ll never assume pumpkin (a healthy, nutritious veggie on its own) anything has less calories than a ham sandwich.
And that lattte? Hope’s tall skinny one logs in at 100 calories while Annie’s full fat latte has 180. If we paired it with a baked good, we would have one-third of our recommended daily calories. Excuse us while we go throw up our lunch!

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