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fountainebleau Miami

When we first received the invite to the Hotel Thrillist weekend at the Fontainebleau in Miami, we had no idea what Thrillist was or why we were invited. However, we’re not the type to turn up our noses at a free weekend stay–especially at a hotel we have been wanting to check out–including parties, food and all the Bacardi Torched Cherry cocktails we could drink. The weekend was sponsored by Bacardi, Corona, Klondike and Nerf among others.

Upon arrival at the Fontainebleau, we quickly learned that Thrillist is like a unisex Daily Candy for the cool people. You can sign up for a daily email in 17 cities, including NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin and more. Everyday the site features a hip new bar, restaurant, clothing line, event, gadget or the like that is just ever so slightly under the radar and definitely up and coming.

hotel thrillist party miami fontainebleau

The site also offers deals like discounts on hotel stays (currently 20% off at NYC’s Gild Hall) and throws parties and events, like the Hotel Thrillist weekend, that you may get invited to or win a chance to join in. On our weekend, every third person we met was a contest winner, so it really can happen.

hotel thrillist

The Hotel Thrillist weekend was packed with fun surprises like a buffet dinner featuring all the hotel’s amazing restaurants, J. Cole performance at the Fontainebleau’s Liv Nightclub and poolside concert by Kat DeLuna.

But hands down, our favorite part about the Hotel Thrillist weekend: The people. Not that we don’t love our usual crew of beauty and fashion blogging cohorts, but it was really refreshing to meet a new mix of people including TV producers, advertising girls from Portland, Nerf PR folks, and a whole group of people who have no idea who Bethenney Frankel is — and don’t care. Figuring that the Hotel Thrillist crowd is indicative of who reads Thrillist, well, that’s who we want to hang with regularly!

So sign up for Thrillist today and enter every contest you can. Who knows, we may just be seeing you at the next Hotel Thrillist weekend.

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