Holiday Gift Ideas for Jettsetters

Holiday Gift Ideas for Jettsetters


I was very flattered at the recent Robert Verdi event when he said the Jetsetter gifts were inspired by ME! I wish I could take credit for this amazing cool Weekend Duffle Bag from Rise. It looks like an ordinary duffle bag on the outside, but it has a super-smart packing secret on the inside: compartments to help keep your clothes organized and flat! Plus it has straps with hangers so you can hang it at your destination and not have to unpack at all. How cool is that?

duffle bag

One note: It is on the heavy side, so this bag is best saved for car trips.

To go along with the bag, Robert recommends a cool pair of aviators like these Lizzie ones from his HSN collection. I got them last week and have barely taken them off since. (That’s me, modeling them below.) I love the teal color on the side.

me in shades

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