Holiday Gift Guide- Stocking Stuffer

While a ball of hair bands may not seem like an obvious Christmas gift, we know from experience that all your long-haired friends will appreciate this and Bumble bandball. We can’t tell you how many hours JSG has lost searching high and low for a hair band. We’ve snuck into countless yoga classes, nodding red-faced apologies to the instructor while the rest of the class is om-ing away, all for lack of a proper hair band. These aren’t just any hairbands–they won’t rip your hair out when you adjust your pony. The ball of 100 hairbands is $20 and sold out online, but still available at Bumble and Bumble retailers around the country. If you really get stuck, give us a shout and we’ll pick one up at the NYC salon, which as our friends know, is our home away from home.

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