Help for Pre-Trip Breakouts

Help for Pre-Trip Breakouts

Anyone who has planned a vacation knows that despite the reward of getting outta town, it can be a stressful experience. You have to make sure everything is squared away at the office, rush around town to get your mani, spray tan and Brazilian wax, unearth your bikini, hit the gym so you look OK in that bikini, pack and much, much more. Then factor in a germ filled plane and well, it’s a wonder we don’t all wind up at the beach with at least one pimple!

Our new favorite remedy is Proactiv. As we’re 30+ and on the dryer side, it’s not right for our skin everyday, but there are a few miracle products that we use pre-trip and during our away time. First up, the Proactiv Clear Purifying Mask. It contains sulfur to clean out your pores so clogged ones don’t even have a chance at turning into a pimple.

On the plane and at our destination, the Proactiv Makeup Removing Clothes rock. They’re perfect for those late nights when you’re too tired to wash your face but you know you should. Bonus: They remove eye makeup, including stubborn mascara, with zero irritation.

A third fave is the Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer. It’s lightweight, superfresh and ideal for keeping skin hydrated in humid, beach temps.

All products are available at 888-819-2019.

This review is based on a free sample.

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