Happy Lundi Gras!

Lundi Gras

Got your beads and king cake ready for Mardi Gras? The weeks and especially the days leading up to Tuesday feature their own special fun. Today in New Orleans, Lundi Gras has numerous parades including Zulu (traditonally it never follows the same route), Orpheous (a celebration of the God of Music) and Proteus 9the second oldest krewe in parade history). If you’re not in NoLa, watch the parades via Paradecam.

This past Friday’s celebration featured the 41st annual Greasing of the Poles ceremony. The poles in the French Quarter are greased with  petroleum jelly to deter over-zealous revelers from scooting up to coveted balcony space during Mardi Gras parades. Today it’s a ceremony celebrating the district. Thats Nicondra Norwood and Siemny Chhuon, representing New Orleans’ Fox and NBC broadcast station, above, getting ready to climb.

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