Happy 60th Anniversary, Eloise!

Happy 60th Anniversary, Eloise!

Everyone’s favorite Plaza Hotel guest, Eloise, is celebrating her 60th anniversary this summer–and the hotel wants you to get in on the fun.

First up, is Flat Eloise and the #WhereIsEloise contest. You can download your own Flat Eloise then take her on your journeys. Share your photos on Instagram or Facebook with #WhereIsEloise and tag @ThePlazaHotel @ThePlazaEloise for the chance to win one of three grand prizes: a stay in the Eloise Suite, an Eloise Birthday Party or a shopping spree at Eloise at The Plaza. The contest runs through October 15. (Check out Friendofeloise’s Instagram to get inspired.)

Next is the #WhereIsEloise Scavenger Hunt. The Plaza has partnered with The Central Park Conservancy to develop a hunt for such Eloise gems as Skipperdee’s favorite pond to locating Weenie’s pal, Balto, and other locations throughout the park.

Then of course, there is the stay in the Eloise Suite. The ultimate destination for Eloise fans of all ages.

Have fun!

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