Gwyneth Paltrow at Bloomingdales on Tuesday, July 8

Gwyneth Paltrow

We’re not the type to stalk celebs, at least not with the same energy and gusto we would search for, say, a pair of Jimmy Choos on sale. But this invite landed in our in box and we’re seriously tempted to go–and we don’t even like perfume very much. It may just be worth to spend the $60-whatever on the new Estee Lauder Sensuous to see Gwyneth Paltrow in person at the NYC Bloomingdales. She has been our style icon for years now–we grew our hair out after seeing her in Great Expectations (which had some seriously underrated outfits, btw). Could she possibly be as gorgeous in person? More? Could some of her ultimate chicness rub off on us if she shook our hand?

Not to mention that Carolyn Murphy, Hilary Rhoda and Elizabeth Hurley are thrown in with the deal! No wonder Bazaar devoted the entire July issue to these ladies!

Here’s the deets: buy a bottle of the new Sensuous perfume and you can meet the four ladies who will sign your bottle–no personal items allowed. Get there early!

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