Gossip Girl Jewelry

Unlike the vast majority of celebs at Sunday’s Golden Globes, our favorite social, Serena, isn’t afraid of a statement necklace. On last night’s episode of Gossip Girl, she topped off her outfit with a gorgeous piece from Gemma Redux. The Liz necklace is from the spring line, but if you put an order in before next Monday, designer Rachel Dooley will make it for you now. Because every true fashionista wants to be first.

To order the $424 necklace, email: sales@gemmaredux.com with the subject line: Spring Preview Liz Necklace.

For those who prefer Blair’s preppy style–that blouse she had on last night is from Milly. And it’s still available–on sale–in black at Bloomies in a size 4. 

And–her favorite headbands from Pas Commes les Moutons (and everything else on the site) are 30 percent off at Owl’s Lab with coupon code HC08 through Thursday, January 15. You know you love me. XOXO

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