Gossip Girl Fashion

If you’re like us, you were glued to the season premiere of Gossip Girl last night. (Is it just us, or is Chuck getting a lot hotter?) The show is totally addictive, not only for it’s over-the-top story lines, glam NYC and Hamptons’ locations and gorgeous cast–it’s those killer clothes that draw us in. Remember how in Sex and the City, New York was frequently called the fifth main character, well, the wardrobe is like that in GG.

We love Blair’s dress she wore to the white party. It’s sexy without being trampy and innocent without being prudish. The halter neckline is totally flattering and the eyelet is young and fun. Thanks to the folks at InStyle, we know it’s Marc by Marc Jacobs, paired with killer Chloe shoes and a Jennifer Behr headband. For more looks from last night’s premier, click here.

As any fashionista worth her salt knows, it’s the accessories that make an outfit. Blair, Serena and Jenny certainly have that down. One trend we saw a lot last season and are set to see more of this upcoming season is the headband.

Fortunately, unlike the Chanel bag and Jimmy Choo shoes, this is one trend we can afford, thanks to the Glamarama and Iconoclass collections from Goody.

Available at drugstores everywhere, the most expensive item will only set you back $5.99. Now that’s a bargain Jenny Humphrey would surely approve of!

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