Going Topless?


Would you take your top off at the beach or pool? In a worldwide poll of 3,000 people conducted by Skycanner, a whopping 96% of men thought it was fine for females to go topless on beaches and only 87% of women agreed. When asked about where it’s OK to wear a bikini, 93% of men and women believed it was ok on the beach but only 31% thought it was appropriate in a bar, cafe or restaurant. For men going shirtless, 98% said it was fine on the beach but only 18% said it was acceptable in a supermarket or bar.

The poll also put to rest the idea that Americans are more prudish than  Europeans: More Americans were in favor of women going topless than Italians, French and Scandinavians.  Those dirty Germans beat us out, however.  99% agreeing women should be allowed to go topless.

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