Gillette’s Kiss & Tell Event

Gillette’s Kiss & Tell Event

Hey all you hipsters: It may be time to reconsider shaving off that scruff. Turns out 85 percent of women prefer kissing a smooth shaven man. Baltimore Raven Ray Rice and model Brooklyn Decker announced the results of the Gillette survey on Valentine’s Day at an event where Brooklyn, wife of tennis hottie Andy Roddick, admitted that while she likes the way Andy looks with a 5 o’ clock shadow, when it comes to smooching, that scruff is too irritating for her face.

Another fun fact we learned at the event, co-sponsored by Scope: 29% of men say it’s asking for the first date that takes the most courage, while 32% of women find that saying “I love you” first takes the most courage, according to the Scope Mouthwash Socially Courageous Survey.

Don’t let your man get away with saying his skin is too sensitive for daily shaving either. Gillette now has three products for men with sensitive skin:

  • ProGlide Silvertouch razor, featuring a premium silver handle and Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide platform – our BEST technology and the #1 dermatologist recommended razor**
  • New ProGlide Sensitive Shave Gel, featuring Gillette’s best razor glide (among aerosol gels), now for sensitive skin
  • MACH3 Sensitive razor, with less feel of irritation

Find out more about Gillette’s Kiss & Tell program.

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