Getting Into Clubs: Las Vegas

Whether you’re heading to Las Vegas on a bachelorette party or Miami for fun in the sun, planning ahead for your girls’ night out makes your trip less stressful. A few things to keep in mind, any club benefits from a line outside the door. Try to avoid being line bait to attract other club goers by following one of these suggestions.

1. The best way to find great clubs is to search on line (with us!) to get reviews and suggestions.

2. It’s easier to get into a hot spot earlier in the evening, before 11:00 is best. After that, you may have to wait outside until someone leaves the club.

3. Once you know where you want to go, check the club’s website. You can find phone numbers for table service or the guest list. If you arrange table and bottle service, you’ll get in the fastest and have a guaranteed seat. This of course comes at a cost, sometimes a high one. We called around for our Las Vegas trip and XS at Encore was offering table service which required one bottle for every 3 guests with bottles starting at $500. On the other had, if you’re on the guest list, you won’t have a chair and you’ll probably pay cover; but it gets you in the club faster than waiting in line.

4. Look into a bachelorette party coordinator. Many clubs and casinos now have bachelorette party coordinators, like our friend Kiki at Tao or the Palms. The coordinators help make your evening as seamless and as fun as possible. Again–google is your best friend.

5. Ask your hotel’s concierge. We’ve had great luck with concierges- they get their jobs based on their connections and knowledge of the area, that includes which clubs are the best on each night.

6. Our friend, Samara, has had good luck scoring VIP passes simply by being her adorable self. Most recently, she was hanging out in a casino earlier in the day and was offered passes to Cathouse Lounge for that evening.

7. When in doubt walk to the front of the line and ask if they’ll let you in. Confidence goes a long way. (We’ve tried saying we’re on the guest list when we’re not; but that’s pretty transparent.) This one works best if you’re dressed well all the way to your shoes and you’re in a smaller group of all women. If nothing else the bouncer will let you know how long the wait is.

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