Functionally stylish

When we were flipping through the latest issue of Travel & Leisure, we stumbled across this find: the Simply Vera Anorak Jacket from the Vera Wang collection at Kohl’s. The magazine selected it as its winner of the 2008 Design Award for Best Fashion Travel. They like it because it’s “As chic as it is practical” and “wrinkle resistant”. We love it for those reasons, too, plus the fact that it has a drawstring waist, so we can stay warm and dry and look like we have a figure, it won’t take up much room in a suitcase and it’s on sale from $88 to $65 now at Kohl’s. We recommend it in the gray, which was the color at the recent NYC fashion week.

While you’re on the Kohl’s site, take a look at these other fabulous finds. (Those of you who are lucky to have a Kohl’s nearby probably already know how fab it is, we’re a little behind the times.)

This belt is an glam new way to continue our obsession with gold. For $16, how can you not buy it?

These shoes would look great with wide leg jeans, shorts or a pencil skirt.

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