Frizz-Free Hair—Even in Miami

Usually before I head on a weekend away, I schedule a blowout the day before (usually on Thursday) so I don’t have to wash my hair all weekend. But I was able to skip it this time around because I had already gotten a killer blowout—on Monday—and my hair still held its style and was frizz-free, even in Miami. That’s frizz-free after four days, a 3-hour plane flight, a day at the pool and a boat ride. That’s me on the left, above, on Friday night. How impressive it that?

I credit it to the products that were used when I got my blowout, the new TRESemmé Climate Protection Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse. The products are formulated with olive oil, keratin, UV blockers and polymers to protect hair against humidity, UV rays, static and wind—basically everything I experienced on day four of my blowout. I realize I sound like a commercial for TRESemmé, but these products really are that good!

You’ll find Tresemmé products at drug stores and grocery stores nationwide.

This review was based on a free sample.

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