Fitness Challenge Week 3

With only one week to go to Miami, I was sidelined by what I can only guess was the flu. I wasn’t able to make it to the gym once, much less workout three times in a week. And as far as my goal to eat fewer simple carbs, I could only eat Saltines for two days straight. So much for that!

I’ve definitely been frustrated with this setback, along with my progress, which has been slower than I would like. I know I have a tendency to be impatient, but even that awareness still that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see improvements overnight. I’ve been equally bummed out by the cold, gray weather. (I’m sure many of you in the northeast can relate.) I’m ready for spring!

While walking my pup in the drizzly rain this morning, I had a revelation that helped me put things in perspective. I was thinking about how much it sucks that it’s still chilly at this time of year and that the trees don’t have any leaves on them yet. Then, I looked up and noticed that, in fact, many of the trees do have buds on them—a sure sign that spring is around the corner and progress, no matter how slow, is being made.

As for me, I’m finally feeling better and looking forward to heading back to Equinox tonight for a Pilates class with my favorite instructor, Sasha. And I’ll appreciate that even if my body isn’t slamming (yet), a month ago, I didn’t even belong to a gym!

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