Fighting Stretch Marks

Mederma bingoI was fortunate with my first babe not to develop any dreaded stretch marks. I say fortunate, but not lucky. I know that my coming through pregnancy stretch mark-free likely had more to do with my diligent moisturizing than genetics–90 percent of all women develop stretch marks while pregnant. I rubbed a range of products on my belly throughout pregnancy, an oil after the shower, a super-thick coconut-oil based cream that my acupuncturist made and Mederma. (I like to mix things up beauty wise, some days your in the mood for a certain scent or lotion feel, other days you want another one.)

Even knowing what I know about stretch marks, I was still surprised when I read a woman’s account of how her’s cropped up seemingly overnight while she was pregnant over on TheCut. According to Dr. Debra Jaliman, “Typically, stretch marks commonly occur during the sixth and seventh months – when the body is changing to prepare for delivery and the baby is large enough that the mother can feel her baby’s body or head when she touches her stomach – and during this time, stretch marks can appear on the stomach, hips and breasts.”

She recommends Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy which is both hydrating and contains Cepalin, a proprietary botanical extract. She suggests slathering it on your breasts, belly and hips in your second and third trimester.

Now that I’m pregnant with baby #2 and using Mederma again, hopefully I will be as fortunate this time around when it comes to stretch marks!

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