Fake Eyelashes: Two Versions

We always love to treat ourselves and get our makeup done for our big nights out. No surprise that different makeup artists, depending on which brand they represent, create different looks.

For Annie’s birthday in May, she went to the Laura Mercier Lash Bar at Bendel’s to have the Corner Faux Eyelashes applied.

fake eyelashes

She told the makeup artist she didn’t like heavy foundation or green eye shadow, which the makeup artist interpreted to mean she didn’t like makeup. Annie spent the rest of the time trying to convince the makeup artist to use a heavier hand. Laura Mercier is best known for natural looking makeup and her tinted moisturizer is our daily standard (probably yours, too. Everyone loves the stuff.) Despite Annie’s doubts, the result was fresh and glowing:

natural makeup

For her boyfriend’s birthday in July, she knew she wanted a more dramatic, smokier look and knew that only MAC would do. She again opted for the half lash (MAC 20 Lash):

fake eyelashes

While her eyes stand out more, it was perhaps a little too much for a humid July night. (Hope had just gotten to town and didn’t have enough time to get her makeup done.)

smoky eyes

The lessons:
1. Decide which look you’re going for and head to the counter that is better known for that look. When you want fake eyelashes, it does limit your options as not every cosmetic line carries them.

2. Be open to new looks. While Annie was close to throwing a tantrum at the Laura Mercier Counter, in retrospect the light handed makeup made her look younger.

3. Smoky eyes and humidity don’t mix!

Want to see how we looked after a visit to the Bobbi Brown counter?

(And yes, Annie wore the same dress on both nights. It looked sexier in July with our neon Miu Miu shoes.)

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