Fake Eye Lashes for a Big Night Out

Fake Eye Lashes

Our new fave fake eyelashes are from Laura Mercier–we love the corner ones for that extra oomph. They cover about 1/3 or your eyelid which makes them pretty foolproof to apply and, how smart that they come with black glue that blends with your other eye makeup better than white. We had them applied at Bendel’s Laura Mercier Lash Bar in NYC (thanks, Sarah!). The cost? Only $20, lashes and makeup application included. That’s JSG’s Annie and Hope above.

fake eyelashes

Afterwards we went to Blow for blowouts (check back later in the week for tips we learned there about the best summer styles). Our glammed up look may have worked a little too well–we’re still recovering from our night at Soho House, 1 Oak and Pop Burger today!

The Corner Faux Eyelashes are also available on Laura Mercier’s website with free shipping.

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