Expedia’s 2012 Travel Predictions

Expedia’s 2012 Travel Predictions

Girls in Vegas

No surprise—Vegas is predicted to remain in the top 5 destinations in 2012.2012

Which movies will be nominated for Academy Awards? Who will win the Republican primary in Florida? Who cares? We want to know what the future of travel holds this year. Here are predictions from Expedia.com:

  • 5 of the hottest destinations for Americans are Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.
  • Based on search results, in 2012, American travelers are showing strong interest in the following 5 “international” destinations: Cancun, San Juan, London, San Jose del Cabo and Punta Cana.
  • Given the increasing demand for air travel and with few signs of increases in airline capacity, analysts from Expedia expect average ticket prices to grow at a modest rate.
  • To find the best airfare deals, Expedia analysts recommend booking flights on Tuesdays as they generally feature the best deals to find air ticket prices. And the cheapest day to fly is usually Wednesday, followed by Tuesday and Saturday. Finally, early morning flights tend to be the most cost-effective while giving travelers more time at their destination.
  • Last minute travel remains popular with Expedia experts saying that 50% of all bookings through Expedia’s Expedia Hotels app are for same day bookings. The company expects that trend to continue through 2012.

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