Ever Wanted to Ride a Motorcycle?

Ever Wanted to Ride a Motorcycle?

Do it! Turns out women who ride motorcycles feel sexier, are more confident and are happier than non-riders, found a survey commissioned by Harley-Davidson. No wonder there has been a 30 percent increase in women riders in the past 10 years.

Ready to start riding but aren’t sure where to start? The Harley-Davidson Riding Academy trains students at local Harley-Davidson dealerships across the country. Or you can hit a Garage Party where you can learn about the basics of motorcycle controls and try a stationary test ride experience where you can start the motorcycle, shift gears and get the feel of having a lot of power between your legs. That’s me below at a recent press event where I got to do exactly that. I was proud to be able to shift up and down to third gear! (I may have gunned the engine just a little.) The smile on my face says it all!

Me on a Harley

If you just want to dip your toe in the Harley-Davidson waters, check out its clothing and accessory options, which are pretty cool motorcycle fan or not. I love this heathered sweater

Harley Davidson silver sweater

Color-blocked leather jacket

Harley Davidson-leather jacket

and Rhinestone Skull Earrings

Harley Davidson Skull earings

For more info, check out H-D.com/women.

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