Erin Fetherston Spring ’09 Backstage

We went backstage yesterday to check out the scene prior to Erin Fetherston’s Spring ’09 “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” show.

Erin was calm, relaxed and absolutely adorable. She posed for this photo just for JSG!

Erin Fetherston
Bobbi Brown was the head makeup artist on the show. She created a shimmery look she described as a “sophisticated angel”. Note her Barack Obama button on her sweater. Bobbi was headed to meet with the man himself post-show at an undisclosed location in NJ. She did share that Michelle Obama is a fan of her makeup. JSG is, too!

Bobbi BrownLyndell Mansfield was the hair stylist on the show (right). She added extensions to each model’s ponytail, then cut the ponytail straight across to create the illusion of a graphic, blunt ponytail. “Erin’s girl has grown up,” she says of her inspiration. “She’s more punk, more rebellious.”
model backstageLyndell says the final look was, “more sexy, less flouncy”.
model backstageWe were happily surprised to run into one of our favorite Bumble & Bumble stylists, Margueritte, who was working on the show. She styled Annie’s hair for the Valentino party on Wednesday!
model backstageA model having her hair worked on by two Bumble & Bumble stylists and her mani and pedi done by Dashing Diva technicians. Each girl got two coats of Dashing Diva’s Dizzy Pink Lizzy polish, a wearable sheer pink.
model backstageAll of Erin’s looks. We were in heaven with all the meringue, frothy, chiffon and organza outfits.

Erin Fetherston

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