A Peek Inside Elizabeth Berkley’s Carry On

A Peek Inside Elizabeth Berkley’s Carry On

Elizabeth Berkley


What type of carry on bag do you use?
My carry on is a simple black piece of Tumi, which thank God is durable. This bag has been with me a long time—it is also the go to bag I have used for all my journals and pens and materials since day one of the Ask Elizabeth workshops.You should have seen me rolling this down the sidewalks and hallways of Middle Schools and High schools across the country! Maybe time to get a new one?!

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What are some of your favorite beauty products when traveling?
Because it is so dry on the plane, I am a huge fan of misting. My fave is a travel size by Biologique Recherche. I’m always careful not to spray fellow passengers behind me, though I’m sure others would benefit ☺I also love Mario Badescu hyrualonic eye crème.
Proactiv has been supporting self esteem workshops for teen girls for my foundation called Ask Elizabeth (Ask-Elizabeth.com). I am now addicted to their Travel size Proactiv Mini Maintenance 3-Step System (Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment :)

What type of music do you like to listen to on the plane?
When I’m traveling these days, it is always a good time to catch up on work on my computer—thank God for Wifi—so my itunes are packed with my favorite music…Adele and Eva Cassidy always move me when I’m writing.

Any favorite or recent plane reads?
I’ve been more in the writing mode at the moment—this is where I get to work on my columns for the teen girls I work with. I have a mother/daughter column on Huffington Post and Oprah.com and I contribute to Seventeen.com, J-14, and Gurl.com frequently.

What type of sweater or wrap do you usually travel with?
I have a black yummy, cozy long Ralph Lauren sweater that feels like the best cashmere blanket. I literally call it my “plane sweater” because it always keeps me warm and I can also just untie it if I feel to hot. I also wear an amazing SOFT “destroyed cashmere” sweater made by my artist husband Greg Lauren (GregLauren.com). It’s amazing because if I am going somewhere straight from the airport, it still transitions in a chic way.

Any favorite plane snacks?
My husband always laughs because I carry a little cooler filled with healthy snacks (marcona almonds, garbanzos, sliced apple etc.) that makes me look like such a nerd…it feels like a little kids’ lunchbox but honestly I am always so happy because I stay on my regime when I travel. Traveling can be stressful enough, so I always like to stay on top of my nutrition, staying hydrated and my workouts so I feel balanced. I always take my Valslides from my trainer Valerie Waters because I can do them in any hotel room-obviously not on the plane ☺

Anything else that you always travel with?
I love my pillow-don’t laugh! There’s something about having that comfort with me that makes me feel like home. If the pillowcases are white, I have to be careful to keep it separate from the bedding so it doesn’t get mixed in. Pure Beech sateen sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond make my sleeps the best!

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