Effortless Playlists

We’re in an iPod rut! With 3,361 songs, why do we always listen to the same 10? Granted Kate Nash’s “Merry Happy” is a peppy song that will stay in your head all day long, but really, a girl needs to mix it up every once in a while. Plus we haven’t forgotten that it was our New Year’s Resolution!

But coming up with a new and varied playlist takes work. Favorite songs are our most listened to for a reason.

A few years ago, when we were traveling back and forth to Cali frequently, we came up with a semi-brainless way to make a new playlist. We created a NY-Cali playlist, which included songs that mentioned New York or California. It ended up being a fun mix of tunes with everything from Wheezer’s “Beverly Hills” to U2’s “New York” to Ben Lee’s “Catch My Disease”–it mentions Pamona. (Come to think of it, with 2 more trips to Cali between now and July, we may need to up the rotation on this playlist.)

We liked this idea so much, we created another themed playlist—this time it’s Boys and Girls and all the songs have a name in the title. With songs like Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” ABBA’s “Fernando”, The Police’s “Roxanne” and The Killers “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” the mix ends up being a bit random, but isn’t that the beauty of an iPod?

Any other thoughts on creating effortless playlists?

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