DryBar New York

DryBar New York

Finally! L.A’s famed Drybar is opening in New York tomorrow! The salon offers $40 blowouts—it doesn’t matter what length your hair is or if you curl it or flat iron it—it’s still gonna be $40.

I attended an editor’s preview earlier this week. The salon is gorgeous—clean and bright with accents of yellow. You chose from a photo menu of blowouts, including Straight Up (straight hair), Southern Comfort (lots of volume) and Mai Tai (beachy waves).

A few of the things I love about the salon:

  • It’s open at 7 a.m. on weekdays so you can get a day of blowout before an important meeting.
  • It’s open 7 days a week, so you’re not stuck on a Monday with bad hair.
  • It has iPod docking stations.
  • You can book appointments online.
  • They show fun movies. While I was there, Bride Wars and Mean Girls were on.
  • Packages are available. The more blowouts you buy, the bigger the discount.
  • You can purchase snacks like trail mix and Swedish fish.

My only complaint: While my stylist was adorable and sweet and gave me an amazing blowout, he was a bit inexperienced. The blowout took longer than an hour and he made small mistakes like getting the blow dryer cord tangled, but I’m sure with time those kinks will be worked out. After all, DryBar’s first official day open is tomorrow.

For more info, call DryBar at 212-561-5932

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