Dream Destinations 2010

We asked, you answered. Europe reigns supreme for the top dream destination of JSG readers. About 2/5ths of you (42%) said you would most like to vacation in Europe, namely Italy, France, Greece, Ireland and England. (Of those who wanted to travel to Europe, those countries ranked 37%, 24%, 20%, 7% and 6.6%, respectively.) Italy appeals to you for the food, art, history and overall beauty of the country.

While Europe beat out various beaches around the world, 21% of you said you would enjoy a sojourn somewhere warm and sunny.

Australia made a respectable showing—4 percent of you said you dream of traveling to the land down under.

Dream Destinations

The most surprising destination was Korea, which received 5 votes. We were also happy to see the Maldives make the list with 3 votes and we had to check our Google maps to find Mauritius (shown above) picked by two JSG readers.

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