Donate a Pair of Shoes and Get $20 Off a New Pair

If you’ve spring cleaned your closet, you’ve likely spotted at least one pair of shoes that you bought on sale an have only worn once or twice, whether they were the wrong size for you or just didn’t end up going with the rest of your wardrobe like you thought they would. Well, now there’s something better you can do with them besides toss them: Send them into Renew Your Soles and you’ll get $20 off a new pair of shoes at

Naya Shoes (shown above) and are partnering with Soles4Souls, a non-profit that distributes gently worn shoes to people in 127 countries on this project. Naya Shoes are known for their commitment to the environment, using the most eco-friendly dyes, natural or recycled materials, boxes that are made of 80 percent recycled pulp among other strategies. Plus, they’re pretty darn cute!

Find out more about the Renew Your Soles program.

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