Do Not Disturb Signs

Do Not Disturb Signs

do not disturb signs
We have a confession to make: Every time we check out of a hotel room, we “borrow” the “Do Not Disturb” Sign. And by borrow, we mean keep indefinitely. Our collection has grown quite large through the years, so we figured it was time to do something with them. Hence, our latest arts and crafts project was born.

We invested in a floating frame, bought at Michael’s craft store for under $20 to display a small selection of our favorite signs. Some of the signs bring back fond memories, like the one on the top right from the Hard Rock in San Diego that reads, “Not Now My Ego Needs a Rest” and the beach scene that reads “Shhh…” from the Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman. Others, we don’t quite remember where they came from, like the “Do Not Enter” street sign. Our best guess is that it was from the Standard in West Hollywood. The orange, Southwestern themed sign is from the Four Seasons in Scottsdale and is so old, it was three boyfriends ago!

It’s such a fun way to remember our trips. We love the way it looks so much, we definitely plan on doing a second series. As long as hotels don’t thwart us with electric “Do Not Disturb” signs!

Do tell: Do you ever “borrow” something from a hotel?

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