Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse Paris DVD

Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse Video

We once had the pleasure of seeing Dita Von Teese perform at a party a few New York Fashion Week’s back. We can’t recall what the fete was for, but we certainly remember being blown away while Ms. Teese did her thing in a giant martini glass.

Her new Crazy Horse Paris DVD is set to release on November 24 on French Amazon and would make a great stocking stuffer for all the naughty folks on your Christmas list. We haven’t had the opportunity to see the burlesque show for ourselves, but from the looks of the sneak peek video, it’s everything we wished Holly Madison’s Peep Show was–and more!

Note: We earlier posted the You Tube video of the clip, which Dita Von Teese herself promoted on Twitter. The video was taken down after someone complained about its adult content. Dita’s tweeted response: …there are about 4,380 Youtubes of me dancing nearly nude, but some jackass has a problem with THIS particular one!

You can still view the Dita Von Teese Crazy Horse sneak peek on line, though now you have to register and we can’t embed it in our post.

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