Diane Von Furstenberg Spring ’09 Backstage

We arrived at the Bryant Park tents just about the same time our hero, Diane Von Furstenberg, herself got there. The mad rush of paparazzi to get her photo was intense. If that’s what they did for Diane, we hate to imagine the crush Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson created when they went to the Charlotte Ronson show on Saturday!

Once inside, Diane’s first stop was to check in with her good friend Orlando Pita who was styling the hair for her show.

When Diane saw this mural, the inspiration of her Veruschka meets safari show, she gushed, “I LOVE it!”

Judging by this dress, hemlines aren’t getting any longer at the house of DVF.

We HEART this fringed, studded bag.

Gucci Westman, Revlon’s Global Artistic Director working on a model.

Orlando told JSG that the inspiration for the hair were 60s’ photos of Veruschka–very Bohemian, very natural, fresh, clean and windblown as if she were in the desert. Orlando swears he didn’t use any product to get the look. “We just wet the girls’ hair then scrunch it as it’s blowdried.” We’re pretty sure we couldn’t recreate the look at home quite so easily.

Gucci Westman complemented the safari-look with a 60’s lined eye that she updated with a hit of bright yellow shadow at the crease. For the lip, she used a lustrous pink lipstick then used a white eyeliner on top.”It creates a really chalky, really sexy look.”

For photos of the show and more review, check out Coutorture.

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