Dead of Night Perfume Review

Dead of Night Perfume Review

I’m not really a perfume person to begin with, so for me to smell a perfume and actually like it, WHILE I’M PREGNANT, speaks volumes. Much of the reason I respond so positively is to deadofnight from ERH1012, is its base note, Oudh a rare, aromatic resin from the ancient East. The Oudh in the fragrance is sourced from only naturally matured, exotic agarwood from the rainforests of Borneo.

Deadofnight is oil, not alcohol, based, which gives it a rich dry down that is unique to each wearer. Its top notes are green, middle notes are jasmine and rose and base notes are sandalwood, amber and white musk. I enjoyed the perfume from start to finish, typically by the time I get to the base notes of a scent, it starts giving me headaches and I’m ready to have it off me.

Synthetic oudh is more commonly found in commercial perfumes, as the agarwood, that oudh is sourced from, is illegal to cut down in the rainforest. ERH1012 founder, Elizabeth Gaynes turned this problem into an opportunity by using only oil sourced from agarwood trees from a sustainable farm in Borneo.

When I wear deadofnight, I feel like I still smell like me, only better. It’s not like I’m trying to cover something up or douse myself in a strong floral. I am reacting to the purity of the Oudh.

The perfume isn’t cheap, but a little goes a long way. It’s 1.25 ml for $55, 10 mL for $295 and 20 mL for $575. It’s available online at


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